Seliger Editing & Writing


Specific services Seliger Editing & Writing provides include, but are not limited to:

Correspondence: Let Seliger Editing & Writing polish your letters, memorandums, business plans and reports, or simply write them from scratch.
Business and Journalism: With extensive skills in both business and journalism, Seliger Editing & Writing can help with press releases, public relations materials, articles and announcements.
Nonprofit Corporation Formation: Seliger Editing & Writing will help start nonprofits by preparing articles of incorporation, bylaws, and state tax exemption application (if applicable), as well as the IRS application to obtain a 501(c)3 letter of determination of tax-exempt status. Until an organizations has an IRS 501(c) letter of determination, it is not eligible for most grant funds, and donations to it cannot be claimed as tax deductions. While it takes us about six weeks to complete the necessary paperwork, it important to note that it can take the IRS up to six months to issue a letter of determination after the application is made.

Academic Services: Thesis help, research assistance, college/scholarship applications and other writing work in academia are available through Seliger Editing & Writing.
Grants: Seliger Editing & Writing will complete or edit the narrative sections of grant proposals for federal, state, local or foundation/corporate giving sources.
Layout and Design: Flyers and newsletters can be written, edited and laid out by Seliger Editing & Writing.

For complete turn-key grant services, visit Seliger + Associates Grant Writing.