Seliger Editing & Writing

Hiring Us

Hiring Seliger Editing & Writing usually starts with a telephone call or e-mail from you, assuming you have a corporate, academic, grant, or other writing or editing assignments. We will ask about your background, briefly discuss the project concept with you, review any documents or guidelines you have, and provide you with a prompt price quote and contract. We can only give quotes on deadline Requests for Proposals (RFPs) if we have read the RFP.

If you decide to proceed, we will usually send you a contract, which you will then sign and send back to us, along with a check or money order and any relevant background materials. Payment is due entirely in advance for assignments less than $2,000, and half is due at the start and half after the first draft is complete for assignments greater than $2,000.

Once we receive the contract and payment we will call you and if necessary set a time to discuss the project in detail. If not, we will write the first draft, send it to you for corrections, and then make your corrections. We will then make your corrections and send it back to you. Most assignments consist of two drafts. If the assignment has a budget or other material associated with it, like a document memo—as most grants do—we will send those materials after the second draft.

The process is designed to be as painless and simple as possible for clients, who only need to give us minimal direction and let us take care of everything else.

A Note on Grants

Those seeking grants should be aware that Seliger Editing & Writing primarily works for nonprofit organizations rather than individuals. Very few grants are available to individuals, and no grants are available to help start small businesses or refinance houses. You should note that, in 2004, The New York State Consumer Protection Report issued a report about grants. Most individuals, as the guide notes, are not eligible.

Few if any legitimate free funding sources exist for individuals looking to remodel homes, open businesses, or travel. The report states:

Most competitive grants are only available to organizations. They are not loans to businesses or job-training funds for individuals. This report is intended to dispel the misinformation that is helping scam artists victimize thousands of people across the country — people in financial need who are hoping . . . that “Uncle Sam will help you pay your bills.”

Please do not believe unscrupulous advertisements. Just as you should not trust promises received from e-mail spam. Most grants are provided to nonprofit organizations that provide social services. This link explains more about why individuals and businesses are generally ineligible for grants.

Individuals who are interested in starting a nonprofit organization and creating a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization should call or write because Seliger Editing & Writing can prepare the necessary forms and provide guidance in creating a nonprofit organization.

In addition, Seliger Editing & Writing will not accept grant writing assignments if we know client is ineligible for the grant he or she wishes to apply for.